The city of Burgas and the town of Sozopol are located on the Bulgarian coast of the Black Sea, where you will find long beaches and crystal clear seawater!

If you need help with your accommodation, do not hesitate to contact us. Many hotels and private guesthouses, which include breakfast, are available. Here are some of our recommendations.

Accommodation in Burgas

The recommended places are from different price randes and are located withim walking distance to the places where the classes in the various disciplines are held.

Grand Hotel & SPA Primoretz –
Botique hotel and villa “Promenade” –

Hotel “Bulair” –
Hotel “Atagen” –
Hotel “Fors” –

Hotel “Gran Via” –
Aparthotel “Fotinov” –

No13 Botique House –
A 16 Hostel –
“Old House hostel“-

Accommodation in Sozopol

Dear participants, the proposals for accommodation in Sozopol are selected according to the closest walking distance to the place where the masterclasses are held – Community center “Otets Paisii” – Sozopol. It is possible to book different accommodation, but it will be best if they are located in the old town of Sozopol, because there is no public transport in the city and if you want to go to some other places outside the old town, you will need a transport.

Dima’s Guesthouse – 0876 / 147890
Maria’s Guesthouse, Apolonia Street – 0878/ 373754
Guesthouse on 1 Glarus Street – 0882 / 423024
Vesi’s Guesthouse – 0884 / 626362
Valya’s Guesthouse – 0896 / 327671
Guesthouse – 0897 / 337554
Family house “Deep Blue” –
Hotel “Selena” –
Hotel “List” –
Family Hotel “Radiana” –
Hotel “Casa del Mare” –
Hotel “Diamanti” –