The team of the Summer Academy of Arts offers a very high academic quality of masterclasses in all genres of art, which synthesize, meet, and intertwine knowledge, experience, and creativity.


The program of the Summer Academy of Arts is open only to participants from secondary and higher art school institutions, as well as to winners of national and international competitions, without age restrictions.  

The masterclasses and workshops complete their classes with closing events and the active participants receive a diploma.

Travel and stay during the masterclass/workshop are at the participant’s expense.

Please note that all participants under the age of 18 must be accompanied by a parent or an individual taking care of them.

Upon request, in the city of Burgas, we can offer you accommodation with breakfast in a centrally located hotel, as well as a transfer from and to Burgas Airport. The accommodation of the participants and their company in the town of Sozopol is in private family accommodation with two, three, or four beds. For additional information about your accommodation in Burgas or Sozopol, please click here or write to this email:

The accommodation of the participants is MANDATORY to be done a day before the beginning of the respective masterclass or workshop.

The organizer reserves the right to change the program, both due to force majeure (e.g. COVID-19), natural disasters, or other reasons, so if a participant does not show up on the first day of the masterclass/workshop, they lose their place in it.

The masterclasses are held in the community center “Otets Paisii” in the old town of Sozopol, and in Burgas – they are held in the Cultural Center “Sea Casino” or in Center “Flora”.

Participation Fee:

Fee for an active participant piano solo & duo – 350 euro
The number of classes for masterclass piano solo & duo are 3 lessons
Fee for an active participant flute – 250 euro
Fee for an active participant cello – 250 euro
Fee for an active participant double bass – 250 euro
Fee for an active participant accordion – A170 euro
Fee for an active participant chamber music – 170 euro

Package active participant includes registration fee BGN 30 (non-refundable) & education fee payable no later than one week before the start of the master class of the same year.
Orphans do not pay a registration fee and pay 50% of the tuition fee upon presenting a document from the Regional Center for Social Care.
For two or more children from one family participating in the program of masterclasses – every second and following child pays a fee of 50%.

The fees are paid only by bank payment to the account:
Bank: BACB – Burgas
IBAN: BG98 BGUS 9160 1002 627800  
Your registration for participation is considered valid after filling in and sending the online registration form and paying the participation fee.

The number of classes for music specialties is not less than 4 lessons + 1 closing concert. One lesson is 55 minutes.

The number of hours per day for the fine arts, creative writing, and acting is not less than 6 hours per day.

With less than 8 registered participants, a master class will not be held. The team of the Academy will refund the paid fee to all registered participants in the respective masterclass, not taken place.

The masterclasses are open to listeners according to the capacity of the halls.

All submitted materials are non-refundable and remain in the possession of the Summer Academy of Arts.

Provided documents written in languages other than English or Bulgarian must be accompanied by a translation into one of the languages mentioned above.

By submitting their applications, the participants authorize the organizer. ie. NGO in PB “Summer Academy of Arts” to use all photos, video, and audio materials from the masterclasses and closing events at its discretion in order to advertise and popularize the Summer Academy of Arts.

No fees are paid for documentary, radio, or television recordings of the participants in the closing concert.

Prof. Georgi Spаssov - Flute

art director Summer Academy of Arts

Prof. Petko Radev - Clarinet

Maria Prinz - Piano

prof. Svetozar Benchev - Painting

Prof. Rostislav Yovchev - piano

Prof. Anatoly Krastev - cello

Prof. Angel Stankov – Violin, chamber music

Prof. Vladislav Grigorov - horn

Prof. Helene Luyten - Piano accompaniment

Prof. Andrew Marriner - Clarinet

Prof. Peter Schmidl – Clarinet

Prof. Pavel Vernikov - Violin

Prof. Julian Rachlin - Violin

Prof. Alexander Zemtsov - Viola

Svetoslav Dobrev - Acting

Stefka Evstatieva – Opera singing

Vesko Eschkenazy - violin

Yildiz Ibrahimova - Pop and jazz singing

Suzanna Klintcharova - Harp

Darina Takova – Opera singing

Fleming / Petranov - The directing team OFFENSICHT

Prof. Ph.D Binka Dobreva - Folk singing

Javor Gardev - Acting

Chavdar Ghiuselev - Stage Design

Margarita Kalcheva - Double bass

Prof. Kevork Mardirossian - violin

Kasiel Noah Asher - Acting

Silvia Ilkova and Julian Messa - painting

Prof. Ph. D Atanas Krastev - cello

Kalina Krasteva - cello

Prof. Ph. D. Elena Ivanova - Stage Design

Prof. Denitsa Laffchieva - clarinet

Paul Meyer - clarinet

Sergey Redkin - piano

Viktoria Vasilenko - piano

Prof. Ph. D .Borislav Yotsov - clarinet

Astor – Magical art

Mario Nikolov - Work with a Director, stage performance, musical, operetta

Vyara Nikolova - Creative writing