Three characteristics make the Summer Academy of Arts unique:

  1. It is the first summer Academy of arts in Bulgaria, professionally working with different genres of art, where young people communicate, live through art, get a touch with the big scene and prove that there are no limits to a talent.
  2. The professional communication between all participants is on a different cultural level and it creates the elitism in the nation.
  3. The combination between nature and work is a great advantage both for teachers and students.

Directors’ Board

1. Petya Velikova – Dimitrova – Chairwoman
2. Georgi Spasov
3. Venko Aleksandrov

Members of the general assembly:

Prof. Angel Stankov
Prof. Anatoli Krastev
Prof. Svetozar Benchev
Maria Prinz
Georgi Semov
Association “Friends of Austria” in Burgas, Bulgariа.

Goals, which the association has, are the following:

• Further development of the professional level in the preparation of young talents in the field of art
• Every participant in the Summer Academy of Arts should get better in-depth knowledge for various schools and tendencies from the teachers in the Academy
• Assistance in providing communication opportunities between talented learners in a creative environment, through specialized professional education within the Summer Academy of Arts
• To promote the achievements of the Bulgarian school of arts abroad, by organizing different cultural events – exhibitions, concerts, etc. To promote art among adolescents and in society.
• To provide the Bulgarian business with investment opportunities in specific projects related to art and culture.


Subject of the association:

• To provide specialized professional teaching in the field of art – music, performing arts, fine arts, speech, cinema, architecture, etc.
• To direct interest, in classical and contemporary values, in the field of arts and culture
• To provide various teachers – prominent names from different schools and fields in the art
• To create conditions for cultural exchange of young talents in fields of art, from Bulgaria and abroad
• To develop professionalism in both adolescents and people, who “learn all their lives”
• To support and stimulate the Bulgarian school of arts
• To organize concerts, exhibitions, literary readings, and other cultural events
• To support, through scholarships, the professional realization of talented children, young and disadvantaged people, who are professionally engaged in the field of art
• To cooperate with Bulgarian, European, and world cultural institutions
• To promote its and other activities in the field of art and culture to the Bulgarian business